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18th-May-2016 11:25 pm - 50 sentences; kameda (1/5)
kame_shades & peace
Back in November I tried this set with Kameno but then the Junno news broke out and my muse went *poof* at KT losing another member (and one half of the ship lol), so here's take-two. This time I'm giving kameda a spin and dang is Ueda hard to write or what haha Enjoy and I'd be happy to hear your thoughts! :'3

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8th-Dec-2015 12:58 am - three strikes and you're out
I should really not be spending my precious break-from-studying hours being annoyed but the brain twitching has been ongoing ever since Junno’s resignation was announced and I figure a little ranting may be cathartic. Let's hope.

*throws my two-cents into the fandom fountain of opinionated thoughts*Collapse )
Last time I did the 50 sentences challenge with theme set gamma for nakame which was very fun! :D And since I know people are craving kameno, I thought why not try them out for the alpha theme set. As before, I'll post them in batches of 10 as I go along. Hope you all enjoy it <3

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8th-Sep-2015 04:05 pm - i'm not dead
Title: Pitter, Patter
Pairing: NaKame
WordCount: 2.2k
Genre: romance
A/N: Wow it’s been a while :x This was a WIP which I recently had the motivation to finish. It’s nice to be friends with words again. For those of you who follow my writing, thank you for your patience! <3 This fic was inspired by nakame offhandedly commenting on how it tends to rain when they’re together.
Summary: The four times it rained on their parade and the one time the parade went on, regardless.

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22nd-Feb-2015 09:50 pm - Dear Kame,
Five years ago I made a huge personal and emotional investment, entirely unintentionally, and you have been returning it with inflated interest ever since. Not once have you given me a moment to regret it.

Here’s why.

in 2014, our lives intersected and you proved to me, unequivocally, that you are worth every drop of feeling I have for you, that the you I have been seeing all this time is the real youCollapse )
4th-Feb-2015 01:44 am - my muse is a funny thing
nakame sexy lady
Title: Glitter & Gloss
Pairing: NaKame
Word Count: 3.1k
Rating: PG
A/N: An AU inadvertently inspired from Joker Game… ps. it’s not what you think ahahahaa

Summary: Nakamaru gets a surprise present from Ueda that surprises Ueda himself.

Glitter & GlossCollapse )
[Weekly Tele 2015 no.4] Yuichi, Junno, Tatchan agreed that Kame has an image of the moon (while Kame picked Yuichi).
When they revealed that "moon" mean "the person that I'm certain that he likes me".

Junno: Kame got 3 points. It's obvious. We are certain that Kame loves all of us.
Kame: It's right. That I love KAT-TUN is so true. I can't live without KAT-TUN! And if it wasn't like that, we would have been gone.

JP->TH @MisterJokerizM
TH->EN kattunthailand
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