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It looks good on you. That book.
[drabble] nakame + hammock 
25th-Apr-2013 11:27 pm
since LJ is dumb and won't let me change the comment style of /one/ post to make my drabble sandbox, I'm opting to post drabbles individually. sorry if I get spammy :(

The wind chime dances to nature's melody and Kame brushes back his bangs to get a clearer view of Nakamaru sitting on the balcony chair, hunched over important-looking documents. Kame frowns.

"I thought you graduated. Aren't you finished with all that?" The hammock creaks as he rolls onto his side. "You're my guest, you know. You're supposed to pay attention to your host."

"I think it works the other way around, especially when you call over your guest at six in the morning."

The wind fluffs Nakamaru's hair when he looks up and Kame is filled with an urge to sink his hands into the soft brown. But to do that he'd have to peel himself from the hammock. A much better idea would be to bring Nakamaru over.

"I thought you were an early riser, but..." Kame drops his head onto his forearm and keeps his eyes wide and fixed in a way he knows Nakamaru recognises by the way he nervously licks at his lip, "if you're really sleepy, you can always join me."

"I'm working."

Kame grins. "I thought I was the workaholic between us, but if you're so bent on it, I can put you to work too."

Years, or maybe even months ago, this would be the point where Nakamaru would turn pinkish and stammer an excuse or shuffle his papers and swiftly change the topic, not daring to meet Kame's eyes. It wouldn't matter if they had kissed and touched just minutes before because the before and after were so sharply divided for him, as if Nakamaru was only able to set aside his propriety for a limited amount of time. A time slot reserved for Kame's less than proper machinations, but limited nonetheless.

Now, Nakamaru catches his grin and returns it with one of his own, made sweeter by his full lips and the crinkles stretching at the corner of his eyes.

"You're shameless, you know?" he says and Kame quickly scoots aside to make room when he sets his papers down and stands. Kame tries to hold back a smile at his easy success; he didn't have to resort to moaning out his name syllable by syllable this time.

"This won't break, will it?" Nakamaru asks, eyeing the beams cautiously when they creak under the weight of his knee.

"It won't. It's built for two."

Nakamaru looks at him with a probing smile that's new and wrong because Nakamaru isn't allowed to be the one to tease. "How convenient."

"Shut up and get on," Kame says and tugs him forward until he topples next to his side. They laugh as the hammock rocks and Kame rides out the swings listening to the tinkle of the wind chime and Nakamaru's heartbeat under his ear.

"I thought you were going to put me to work," Nakamaru says.

"I am." Kame throws a leg over and settles down, Nakamaru's warmth a pleasant contrast to the cool breeze against his back. "It's tough work being my pillow."

Nakamaru's laugh rumbles underneath.

"I can tell. Have you been binging on those sour gummies?" Immediately, a hand comes up to curl around Kame's shoulder before he can whip back. "I prefer it this way though," Nakamaru says almost reflectively, thumbing the contours of his upper arm.

Kame hums. "I think I should send you a box though. You're not quite pillow material. Not squishy enough."

"Yeah, sorry about that," Nakamaru replies, "I don't know what I was thinking when I majored in Environmental Sciences when I could have learned how to save the world one accompanied nap at a time."

"You're not very smart, Yucchi." Kame smiles against his chest and reaches over to tickle Nakamaru's toes with his own. "Have I congratulated you on graduating yet?"

"I think this might be your fifth time." Nakamaru laughs and Kame drinks up the sound. "But that's okay. I'm not very smart so I sometimes forget. You should keep reminding me."

This time Kame laughs and tilts his head up to meet Nakamaru's eyes.

"You're becoming more courageous."

Nakamaru brushes back his hair and Kame leans into his touch, snickering when the wind blows the strands into disarray once more.

"How so?"

Kame gestures to their positions with his chin. "It's not every day I get to have you wrapped up with me."

"And here I thought I was always wrapped up in you." After receiving a very pointed look, Nakamaru barks out a laugh. "Okay, fine. It's a phase. Let me have my fun. After that thesis defense nightmare, I feel invincible. You don't seem so scary next to my professors."

"Is that a challenge?"

Nakamaru smiles. "Kame, I'm swinging in your hammock and volunteering myself as your human pillow. I think I win this round."

Kame snorts. "Let's call it a tie."

Nakamaru's kiss comes quick and sudden, a strong, sweet pressure against his lips, and Kame is left staring when he moves back.

"I win," Nakamaru says firmly. His hand is splayed large and decisive at the small of Kame's back and it's new and wrong--and amazing. It's a first. Kame can feel his face warming in a way it hasn't for ages. Never from a surprise kiss. Never from Nakamaru.

"You win," Kame agrees and quickly ducks down to settle back against Nakamaru's chest. This is good. Great. Amazing. Different and dangerous and Nakamaru doesn't need to know the extent of his affect just yet.

They rock to and fro in silence, the leaves rustling around them and the occasional squirm when Nakamaru pokes at Kame's side to check if he's still awake.



"I think my papers are flying away."

"Huh. You should save them."

"I should, shouldn't I?"

The wind blows, the chimes jingle, the branches dance, and still they sway.

Kame huffs a small laugh, eyes closed and toes kept warm between Nakamaru's calves.

"Too comfortable?"

A squeeze around his waist. "Mmm, don't want to throw off my human blanket."



Kame laughs. "I'll win tomorrow, just you wait."


1k; ETA: Russian translation by leen1707
26th-Apr-2013 07:24 am (UTC)
this is so sweet and fluffy and normal (as normal as inviting your guest at 6 am to use him as a pillow in your hammock as can be..)

its rare to see nakamaru winning against kame (usually its yuichi getting bullied) so i love the image of kame blushing from that kiss..

i also like how you pointed out the change in nakamaru from how awkward and shy he was before to now, its nice to see him comfortable enough to match kame not only here but in rl..

as always, i enjoyed this nakame drabble..thanks for sharing!!!

27th-Apr-2013 03:34 am (UTC)
as normal as inviting your guest at 6 am to use him as a pillow in your hammock as can be
hehehe good point x3 I'm glad you liked the normality of it because I wanted to convey a sweet, slice-of-life moment between them.

so i love the image of kame blushing from that kiss
me too *^* shy!confused!Kame during the CHAIN concerts was adorabs <3

Nakamaru's change from timid to bold was noted in the interview that inspired this snippet; Kame mentioned that Nakamaru's "become more courageous recently" ;Dv Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it since it was a pleasure to write ♥♥
26th-Apr-2013 08:09 am (UTC)
Oooooh *_* This was super cute, and I really liked how you described Nakamaru's changes, the fact that he's bolder now ♥ This was such a lovely fic *_*
27th-Apr-2013 03:27 am (UTC)
heheheeeeeeeeee I'm glad you enjoyed the read, cora ♥
26th-Apr-2013 12:18 pm (UTC)
*____________* omg Sara asflkjsdhkjlkdjsdjf

I am reduced to a blubbering puddle of goo I just. KLJHDGFJKSDGF #deadofthecute

I love this. And you. ♥
27th-Apr-2013 03:21 am (UTC)

I felt the same while writing; nakame has that melting-goo effect ;^; ♥♥♥

6th-May-2013 06:58 am (UTC)
arghhh i forgot to comment on this

but you know i love this to pieces right? it goes without saying right???

i'll come back
9th-May-2013 03:53 am (UTC)
ehhhhhhhh? but you tweet-flailed at me x3

so yes, I KNOW ♥ (how could you not love when I was intentionally pressing your nakame buttons :B7)
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